Put some art in your pocket! What is an ATC?
Artist's Trading Cards (ATC) have a history going back to the 17th Century.


Sal Schiebe

Cassandra Van Curren

Jennifer Burns


Program Overview

An exhibtion of ATC's (Artist's Trading Cards). These original artworks will also be for sale.


Artist’s trading cards, also known as ATC’s have a long history starting as far back as the 17th Century.  Originally they were traded solely between artists so they could study each other’s techniques, but they were also used as advertisements or business cards with original art on the front and the artist’s information on the back.

The Impressionists opened the ATC market to the art buying public when they began trading or selling their cards in exchange for art supplies or room and board.

Cards now must be a regulation size of 2.5 x 3.5 inches; they must be original (or limited editions) and can be any media the artist chooses.  Trading is done via email or mail, or preferably at live trading sessions in galleries and coffee houses across the world.

ATC’s may be sold but they are then considered ACEO’s – Art Cards, Editions and Originals.


An offshoot of ATC’s the ACEO originated when some artists began to create cards to sell in addition to trading among themselves.  This practice is meant to augment their incomes, as well as increase patronage and awareness of both the artist and the art form.

Artist’s Bios

Jennifer Burns

Jennifer was born in Sydney Australia and began creating at an early age.  She has exhibited in Australia, Canada and the United States and currently has work on display in a number of galleries in St Petersburg Florida.

She discovered ATC’s about a year ago and is now firmly addicted to the art form.  Apart from the art and the friends she has made since she began trading, probably the greatest asset she has taken from a year of trading has been discovering and experimenting with new techniques, materials and even subject matter.  


Lisa Buchanan

Lisa Buchanan – Her style, like her personality, is both introspective and imaginative. This is shown through her wide variety of medium and subject matter.

Her interest in Artist Trading Cards was pure happenstance. She stumbled across ATCards.com while surfing the net and fell in love with this tiny art form. She loves the fact that this art form allows you to meet people from all over the world that are just as passionate about art on a tiny card as she is.


Pamela McVay

Born and raised in Washington State, Pamela taught art for most of her career and is a self confessed habitual artist.  Her work includes hand carved rubber stamps, embossing, painting, drawing and recently, altering objects and turning them into original works of art.

The process of making art, sharing techniques and nurturing other artists feed her soul and produces joy. 

Sal Scheibe

S.L. Scheibe is an artist and illustrator from Waterloo, Canada who loves to work with brightly coloured pencils and shiny pens. She likes to create whimsical, colourful pop art usually focused on people and portraits.


Wanda Edwards
Wanda attended the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating from their Scientific and Technical Illustration dept. It is this technical training that also draws her to some of the local architecture. Her passion for watercolor combined with architecture merge together in paintings of local buildings and scenes.
She is a member of the Westport Art Group and the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators as well as a long time member of the Fall River Art Association and teaches weekly adult watercolor classes at the building.


Randi Marx

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Randi has lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and now Memphis.  She has a BFA degree from University of Montevallo.  She graduated Sigma Cum Laude and Senior Elite.  She then earned a MA degree from the University of Memphis and did her internship with the Creative and Performing Arts Students at Colonial Jr High and Overton High School. She currently tutors private classes in her studio and is Artist in Residence for the CAPA, Honors, and AP art students in the City School system. Her art has been in several shows and galleries, such as Art and the Alabama Women and the Parthenon in Nashville. 

She says -- “Art is a life’s work of attempting to explain the unexplainable with images. Artists are alchemists searching for the secrets of Hermes in order to turn base, fleshy metal into a spirit of gold.”

Sonia Reigle

Cassandra VanCuren


Tracie Rozario

Jeffrey Errick

Jeffrey Errick is a Graphic Artist living in Victoria, Canada. He is currently focusing on digital design.



Program Dates & Times

07/13/07 - 07/21/07
12:00 - 4:00 pm
Tuesday - Sunday

Opening Night
6:00 - 9:00 pm


Free Event. Donations always appreciated.