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Chapter VI: Writers & Authors Series (in 12 Chapters)


Burton Hersh




Program Overview

Burton Hersh, a journalist, historian, and author of several works of both fiction and nonfiction, will be featured in this sixth installment of the Writers & Authors series.

Burton Hersh’s recent work “Bobby and J. Edgar” was published in 2007, to much acclaim.  Hersh has chronicled the Kennedy family for over thirty-five years. His 1992 book, “The Old Boys”, about the origins of the CIA, was highly praised, and his 1997 book, “The Shadow President”, is widely considered the definitive biography of Edward Kennedy.  

Hersh spent over a decade as a magazine writer and has made contributions to a number of publications including The Transatlantic Review, The Los Angeles Times, Newsday, The New York Times, Punch, The Washington Post, and The Washingtonian to name a few.  He is also the recipient of the Writer’s Notes Award and a Writer’s Notes grant among others.

“Bobby and J. Edgar is the product of a great deal of research, and makes fascinating reading for anyone interested in the Kennedy saga – Burton Hersh’s  analysis is salient and illuminating.”
Jen Bloomfield,

Collette Bancroft to facilitate.


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7:00 pm



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The Writers & Authors Series is curated by Carol Ringold.


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