The Indigenous Mind Series Presented by Carises Horn
An Introspective Look Into the Native American Mind Through Art, Music, and Literature




Program Overview

The two-day, two-night exhibition will be an introspective look into the Native American mind through artwork, music, and literature of the original people. The event will celebrate the lives of those that honor and live the sacred way. On exhibition are three bodies of work celebrating the experience of racial memories, within the sacredness of the subconscious.  These series are titled Dreams of the Fleshless mind, The Great American Experience, and the Native Faces series. The works are the most celebrated creations of artist Carises Horn’s life.

Literature read on opening night will be a reflection of the artworks on display and the ideals they represent. Selections will be made by the readers Ihasha Horn and Corin Lapointe Atkinson.  Ihasha, a 2007 literature graduate of the University of South Florida, received the Award for Academic Accomplishment and graduated in the top seven percent of his class.  Corin, also a 2007 literature graduate, is a gifted musician and writer whose works have been published within education journals.

On the second evening, there will be a showing of the ground breaking feature film Trudell, about the poet, author, and musician John Trudell. This movie was the Sundance film festival 2005 “best selection”, and winner of the Seattle film festival. The New York Times has said Trudell is “fascinating,” and the Village Voice claims it is a “riveting” film. This showing will be an expression of primal wisdom and ancient teachings created and coordinated by artist Carises Horn. Mr. Horn’s hope for this exhibition is to give an experience of the mysterious and to honor the philosophies of my culture. The exhibition will be dedicated to the memory of Robert Hardee, a dear friend and mentor. 

Artists Statement

I started painting to show that art comes from a deep pool of experience. I believe that in art, the spiritual and the physical come together in an act of divinity, a celebration of experience, of racial memories within the sacredness of the subconscious. In sleep, I see the traditional physical realities of an image transcend into the greater divinity of the universe; which is its true form. It manifests from a place where the great and equal parts that make up the whole still exist, calling, crying out, giving me my purpose. I have faith in a paintings’ power to lilt fire where there is no smoke. Art should lift the vale of this reality and make light what is dark, unforeseen by perception. Now with my existence dedicated to this ceremony of creation, I feel like an arrow loomed within the great bow of life, ready to be shot fourth into the Mystery.  And only when I land will I know my purpose has ended…
--Carises Horn


Program Date & Time

12:00 - 4:00 pm

Literary Reading with Original Music Performance
04/11/08 - 7:30 pm

Showing of feature film “Trudell”
04/12/08 - 7:30 pm


Literary Reading


$5 (suggested donation)

The daily exhibit is free.

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