Don't 3
A multi-media performance art piece by Image-Maker Alice Ferrulo of Black Horse Theatre.


Don't 3

photograph: Michael Conway


Program Overview

Very simply, DON’T 3 examines the command of “DON’T” as… affliction… revenge… empowerment.

BLACK HORSE THEATRE is committed to addressing the human state of being. It does so with great intensity and passion. Always intimate and vulnerable, the work is set forth in hopes of rattling the mind and spirit. To achieve its mission, BLACK HORSE THEATRE uniquely draws upon components of dance, theater and film to design signature images that are urgent and impactful. 
Image-Maker…Alice Ferrulo


The character of Lisette
Alice Ferrulo

Alice Ferrulo and Richard Weiser

Embrasse-moi by Edith Piaf from Souvenirs, Richard Seelbach and Beau Smith

Grace-Anne Alfiero, Michael Conway and Alice Ferrulo

Mixed Media
Alice Ferrulo and Richard Weiser

Graphic Artist
Autumn Musick

Ceramic Sculpture
Liz Bryant

Metal Sculpture
Beau Smith

Costume Assistant
Yasmin Fouad

Set Designer
Frank Strunk III  


Program Date & Time

8:00 pm


$10.00 - per ticket

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