New Modern: Topographical
Art by Paul E. Mathisen: Abstract Representational Works on Paper and Birch.


Program Overview

Paul Mathisen studied Creative Arts at Bradford College, Bradford MA and Art History at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.  A landscaper by trade, in his art work Mathisen explores the subtle interplay of positive and negative spaces in abstract landscapes. Carefully formulating his templates in crayon, Mathisen transfers his crayon sketches onto paper and wood.  Combining line, form and color into complex compositions the work invites the viewer into a visual world of color, shape and form with imagination.  He is inspired by artists such as Pollock, Helen Frankenthaller and Ron Ehlrich.  Perhaps his greatest inspiration is the process by which his abstract topograhpical landscapes take shape on the paper and wood.  The works displayed here represent a thematic series of creations as Mathisen works on multiple works-at-a-time.  He hopes to transfer the results of this series in a similar vein onto birchwood panels for his next project.   Though the present work shows his creativity, Mathisen seeks to find a conceptual basis for his ultimate series.  Enamel paints replacing crayons, paper with birch-wood panels. He plans to elevate his control to maintain a high level of expertise at the art form he developed.  His dream is to sophisticate his work to a level to which he and others can quickly recognize his unique personality in his art work.


Program Date & Time

03/13/08 - 04/10/08
Tuesday - Saturday
12:00 - 4:00 pm

Meet The Artist Reception
6:00 - 9:00 pm





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J. Crayton Pruitt Family Foundation

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