Lectures on Dali & Avant-Film
A lecture series focusing on Salvador Dali's work in relation to film as well as an exploration into various historical strands of surrealist and experimental film.


Program Overview

Presented in partnership with the Salvador Dali Museum, Lectures on Dali & Avant-Film is a lecture series focusing on Salvador Dali’s work in relation to film as well as an exploration into various historical strands of surrealist and experimental film. It is presented in conjuction with the Salvador Dali Museum exhibition "Dali & Film".

Dali & Film


Salvador Dali Museum

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Program Dates & Times

03/04/08 - 7:30 pm

Surrealist Shenanigans & Freudian Follies: Salvador Dali and the Marx Brothers
Presented by speaker Peter Tush.

To initiate the "Dali & Film" series, Tush will explore the role of comedy and humor in Dali's work, arguing that the worlds of shtick and Freudian analysis merge in Dali's meeting with Harpo Marx. This lecture explores how Dali's humor was derived from Hollywood, which in turn allowed him to challenge traditional notions of identity. Parody and satire became Dali's weapons against the prudish art world. Peter Tush is the Curator of Education at the Salvador Dali Museum where he has worked since 1987.  He is currently teaching the USF Tampa course on "Dali & Film" and is the director of the "Dali & Beyond" Film Series.

03/11/08 - 7:30 pm

Dalihoo: The Twisted Art of Selling Moives, from Kroger Babb to Cloverfield
Presented by speaker Steve Persall, the movie critic for the St. Petersburg Times.

03/18/08 - 7:30 pm

The Eyes Have It:
Dali & Hollywood
Presented by speaker Sara Cochran.

03/25/08 - 7:30 pm

Personal Filmmakers
Presented by speakers David Audet & Charles Peirson Lyman Jr.

04/01/08 - 7:30 pm

The Experimental is Now the Conventional: The Legacy of the Surrealists in Hollywood and Beyond
Presented by speaker Lance Goldenberg.

Goldenberg will be tracing key elements of Surrealism on film, from earliest Brunuel/Dali collaborations onward, with an emphasis on the process by which a revolutionary film like "Last Year at Marienbad" eventually morphs into a commercial success like "The English Patient".  Goldenberg will be referencing such diverse filmmakers as Jean Epstein, Fantomas, Busby Berkley, "accidental" surrealism, Charlie Kaufman, Lynch, and more. Lance Goldenberg is the movie critic with Creative Loafing Tampa.

04/08/08 - 7:30 pm

How to Think about Movies that Don't Make Sense
Presented by speaker Nathan Andersen.

While developing the 1928 short film "Un Chien Andalou", Luis Brunuel and Salvador Dali insisted as a guiding principle that "no idea or image that might lend itself to a rational explanation of any kind would be accepted".  How does one think about films that lack rational explanation?  Andersen will explore several strategies for making sense of films that don't fit conventional narrative patterns, but will conclude by arguing that meaning is overrated.  Films can be potent and effective without making sense.  Nathan Andersen teaches philosophy and film at Eckerd College and has written about the philosophy of film for a variety of academic and popular venues.

04/15/08 - 7:30 pm

The Image Disappears: Film, Continuity, & the Deception of Late Dali
Presented by speaker Elliott King, author of "Dali, Surrealism, and Cinema", and is a contributer to the "Dali & Film" catalog.

04/22/08 - 7:30 pm

Dali's Babaouo & the Nature of Surrealist Filmmaking
Presented by speaker William Jeffett.

04/29/08 - 7:30 pm

Making 1965 BBC film Dali in New York
Presented by speaker Jack Bond.