The Feminazi
A feminist comedy. Search for sexist pigs; hear the Virgin Mary's story;  unite with your older sisters; or simply share the pain of suburbia.


The Feminazi

The Feminazi

The Feminazi



Program Overview

The show is intended to spark a feminist discourse on such issues as:

--the derogatory term, "feminazi"

--the phrase "I am not a feminist, but..."

--the Virgin Mary as a Mother with angst over how she raised her child

--feminism's legacy--choice--specifically the impact of a child on a career

--the invisibility of older woman

Suzanne has been on the Thom Hartmann Show, CBC Radio and contributed to NPR’s “Take Two” series.  She has worked with  JJ Walker, Billy Gardell and Basile.  Suzanne has appeared on Fox’s “ Good Day Tampa Bay ”, and NBC's "Daytime".  Suzanne won the Talent of Tampa Bay and was a finalist at California’s Funniest Female contest.  The Feminazi has earned 4 stars from both the Edmonton Journal and SEE Magazine.  Suzanne has a Masters in Electrical Engineering and served in the U.S. Army from '83-'87.  She earned a Joint Service Achievement Medal (JSAM), one of only 13 given out at the time.  She subsequently worked in the financial district before pursuing comedy.


Program Date & Time

8:00 pm



A portion of the proceeds of these shows will go to CASA of St. Petersburg.


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